Friday, November 11, 2011

We are Pregnant Again

It's been a long time since I posted last. Frankly, life is so busy that blogging tends to go to the bottom of the list of things to get done. Our little Cletus is 1 now and we have a new baby, DC (Dos Cletus), on the way. We are super excited for Cletus to have a sibling. The family is all still reeling from the shock. DC came on the 1st try. I think DC didn't want us to think about it and change our mind. This little one wants to be born. People ask if we want a boy or a girl. People, I say, we just want a healthy, happy baby and mommy.

DC does come with a new set of challenges. With Cletus, there was no morning sickness (a euphemism for being sick all times of the day). With DC, its gagging all the time. And DC always seems to be hiding in the womb when its time to hear the heartbeat. It's made for some scary doctors visits. Cletus has no idea whats going on yet, but soon enough my friends...soon enough.

Thanks to all those who sent congratulations our way. We feel a deep love from our friends and family. We also feel very blessed to add this new bundle to our family. I will try to keep you more up to date in the future. TTYL, The GB

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  1. sure love lil Mr. C, and can't wait to meet lil Miss DC :) love you guys!