Friday, June 1, 2012

Couldn't Be Happier - 4 Now!

The first year I blogged for "Blogging for LGBT Families" I had a baby on the way. The second year I had a son who wasn't quite a year. This year I have a new baby girl. Now, we are a family of 4.

Funny, I remember stumbling onto to Mombian and felt like I had found a real connection to this entire other world of families, a world my family really needed. In just a moment, I felt like we weren't alone. Sometimes the world can feel so big and disconnected, when I found all of these blogs with families like mine, for a moment it felt smaller.

Now here I am 3 years later and I barely have time to blog about anything. I have a newborn and a toddler. Life moves at the speed of light. The boy grows like a weed and the girl is in the first stages of life, meaning she needs us basically every second. As I speak, poor mommy is trying to burp out a bubble that has baby girl screaming. Did I mention I couldn't be happier? Two nights ago, I think I got a couple hours sleep over like 7 hours. I was a bit delusional and my wife and I snapped at each other all day. Today, she kissed me and I thought my knees would buckle - I love her that much.

Ok, I should wrap it up before I use all my good spouse points blogging. To all of us with a family, yeah for us, we crash the party of family values and make it a little better everyday! To all of you thinking about having a family, go for it! Holidays are Awesome! Birthdays will be Better! And well even days that don't seem like anything at all will glow from time to time. Maybe next year I will have a little more time to blog. Thanks mombian!

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